Gandhi Day: Gandhi’s Poignant Legacy

Gandhi Birthday Flowers

Children offer flowers to Mahatma Gandhi statue on His birth anniversary in Shimla India


On the 143rd birth anniversary of my grandfather I am reminded of a poignant statement he made to a journalist who asked: What do you think will happen with your philosophy after you die? With sadness in his voice he said: “The people will follow me in life, worship me in death but not make my cause their cause.” How right he was!

We have either rejected the philosophy of nonviolence as impractical or we have reduced it to a weapon of convenience and misused it. The philosophy is about personal transformation changing greed, anger, frustration and other negative attitudes into love, respect, compassion, understanding and acceptance. We have the capacity to act either way but we chose to suppress the positive and display the negative in order to project ourselves as powerful. What we forget is that the greatest power in the world is LOVE. It is also the basis of all civilization. We are materially wealthy, but morally bankrupt. Can we Become the Change We Wish To See In The World?

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  1. Dear Sir:

    Gandhi’s words referring to their cause after his death, was the vision of one man without equal, there will never be a new Gandhi, nonviolence was not dying death of a man who knew its meaning fully, his spirit is with all that like they knew the meaning of life, when people hear or read that Gandhi, felt the essence of the spirit of a great man, someone who gave the peaceful struggle for his people but he left a legacy to the whole human family today, when more current is this the example of Gandhi, an example of friendship, faith, strength, courage, solidarity,
    what we really need is to learn the meaning of life, as Gandhi knew.

  2. Kirit Chandaria says

    Its simple to be Mahatma Gandhi with his easy , simple way of living but so difficult, almost impossible to be SIMPLE. How I wish I cud be even 1% of what the Mahatma is.

  3. Greetings from London. Thank you for your inspiring words, Mr. Gandhi. I believe that since Gandhi Ji’s time, the world has somewhat improved in terms of social harmony, and as well as culturally. I guess it will take time provided the pillars of peace, harmony and tolerance prevail in this world. Thank you. – Navjot Singh

  4. Aleida Patel says

    Thank you for this wonderful Gandhi story!