SuperAdobe Rising in Kolhapur India!

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To commemorate Gandhi’s first civil resistance 120th anniversary we are happy to make the following exciting announcement…

After three years of intensive research, architectural programming, design, development and budgeting by GWEI and AVANI (see Catalyst House October 22 2012 and January 5 2013) the first two of up to 16 Superadobe earthen-based dome structures take shape on a five acre plot of rural farmland just south of Kolhapur, India.

The Times of India (The largest English language newspaper) featured an article on our work on Saturday, June 1, 2013.

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A group of four volunteers specialists in both permaculture and Superadobe construction techniques have spent the past six months educating, training and constructing the new landscape and dome structures.

Six weeks of soil testing were conducted before the proper mixture to be put into the poly bags for maximum structural capacity could be determined.

A water shed management and rain water harvesting plan are now in being put into place on the property.

The first part of the two Superadobe dome structures have been completed and are now set to dry and cure to maximum density during the monsoon rainy season. The structures will be completed in the early fall when the rains have stopped.


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