Grandfather’s Tea!

Source of Original Post: Gandhi Legacy Tour

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his book found online A Key to Health, why tannin, the compound that gives tea its astringency, was bad for human consumption. Gandhi liked to drink tea during the day. A friend of Gandhi’s once remarked ‘Mr. Gandhi you can not be without this stimulant, tea!.  Gandhi thought for a while and from that day forward he gave up drinking tea. 

Tales from Mahatma Gandhi’s life includes a Tea Leela found HERE.

Image of Gandhi having tea with Lord Mountbatten, 1947, from Wikipedia Commons

Gandhi Tea Recipe 

It is very simple

Organic lemon juice full bottle (48 oz)

Put two heaping teaspoons of ginger paste

Mix ginger paste into juice of lemon

Add one half teaspoon of salt and give it a good shake

When you want a cup of tea just take about two to three tablespoons of the mixture

in a mug full of hot water and add honey to taste.

Enjoy with love,

Arun Gandhi