Gandhi Ecology and Personal Environmental Impact

A marvelous analysis of Gandhi Ecology and its relation to world ecological and environmental responsibility was provided by the eminent scholar of applied Gandhian philosophy Dr. M. P. Mathai* in 2010 in Gandhi Marg, the official journal of the Gandhi Peace Foundation.  I have capsulized the key takeaways here.  Adherents of both Gandhi and sustainability can derive much wisdom from Dr. Mathai’s Gandhi ecology consideration.

Gandhi ecology is key

Dr. M. P. Mathai

“Humanity has come out of its foolish self-complacency and has awakened to the realization that over-exploitation of nature has led to a very severe degradation and devastation of our environment. Scholars, through several studies, have brought out the direct connection between consumption and environmental degradation, underscored by applied Gandhi Ecology” 

The most pertinent question today, therefore, seems to be: ‘why these violations?’ Why sidestep the most crucial existential issues relating to the protection of ecosystem?

It could be reasonably argued that one of the most important reasons why humanity is not able to retrace its steps from the perilous path of self-annihilating eco-destruction is its addiction to modern or contemporary lifestyle and embrace Gandhi ecology.

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