From Sweden With Love

This is a post by Hans-Evert Renérius one of the adopted parents of my 132 children in Sweden.


– Translated from the author’s native Swedish

Hans-Evert Renérius

Sundsgården (‘sun’s garden’) High School at Helsingborg Sweden is beautifully situated at the strait. When I look up, I see unhindered Denmark approaching. I must wonder why there is no bridge here, to connect our Nordic togetherness.

Now at Sundsgården I listen to Arun Gandhi, whose grandfather was the great non-violence advocate Mahatma Gandhi. He was able with his peace march to bring the British Empire to its capitulation. The Gandhi Indian resistance grew from below and the immense India got its independence.  For this he was put to death by a “lone assassin”.

Arun Gandhis My 132 GrandchildrenBut his spirit – Great Spirit = Mahatma – is lived by his grandson, Arun, whose words are now flowing towards me.  However, this is not the first time that I have met Arun.  I first got in contact with Arun and his wife Sunanda in 1978 when we sought to adopt our daughter.  Sunanda and Arun had contacts with small orphanages in rural India areas thirty to forty miles from Bombay.

Traveling along squalid Indian “roads” was an adventure. Out there were namely the children, especially girls, who have been abandoned by their mothers. They were left at the village water source, where they were discovered and brought to the orphanages.

For those children who come into the world in degrading poverty there is no decent future. Therefore, Sunanda and Arun gave them new hope. [Read more…]