“The Peace Pianist,” Davide Martello playing in Taksim Square

Davide Martello World Tour for Peace Announces USA Tour
November 2013-2014

Taksim Square

“The Peace Pianist,” playing in Taksim Square

Davide Martello, an Italian pianist based in Germany, began his world tour over two years ago with the intention of helping to bring about a more peaceful tomorrow.  He has played in over 60 cities worldwide, including Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan; Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Pristina, Kosovo.

In June 2013 Martello brought his grand piano to Taksim Square in Istanbul, during the Gezi Park protests.  It was there that journalists gave him the name, The Peace Pianist.”  For the three days that he played in Taksim Square, he showed the power of music to calm tensions.  Police and protesters alike took off their riot gear and listened to him play, and for over 50 hours there was peace in the square.

His performances covered by

CNNNew  York Times, Huffington Post, The Times.

Everyone has their own gifts they can use to make the world a more peaceful place.  I’ve got my piano,” Martello said.

Martello will continue his world tour in America.  He will drive his piano across the entire continental United States to promote his message of peace through music.  He plays performances in outdoor spaces, believing that music outdoors causes all of us to reflect for a moment in the midst of our busy lives – a reflection that is often a movement of the human soul toward peace.  Martello performs in outdoor spaces for free.

In addition to playing in public venues he will also be playing for organizations that are helping to create a peaceful tomorrow (including Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, Partners in School Innovation, Peace and Brotherhood, among others).

Please find below Martello’s tentative schedule for the USA tour:

November: NY, Maine, NH, VT, MASS, RI, WV
December: NJ, Penn, DEL, MD, DC, WV
January: Virginia, NC, SC, GA, FL
February: AL, Miss, Tenn, KE
March: LA, AK, OK
April: TX, NM, AZ
May: CA, NV, OG, WA
June: ID, UT, CO, WY, MO
July: ND, SD, NE, KA
August: Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minn, WI
September: ILL, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
October: New York City